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The Trishool dancers and choreographers understand the importance of making your special day memorable. With that in mind, we provide customised entertainment for every occasion. The team specialise in, and are well known for, breathtaking dance performances with mounds of energy, character and charisma, as well as being able to cater for all audiences. Trishool work closely with you to ensure that each performance is exactly how you want it. Whether you require a performance that will include classics, more recent songs, maybe you prefer a Western-sounding mix of songs or if you want it to be a complete surprise on the night, Trishool can create the perfect mix for your event. If the Bride, Groom or family members have any song requests, Trishool have a database of approximately 700 songs that have previously been performed which the client can choose from. Due to the wide range of song selection available, no two performances by Trishool are ever the same. You are promised a customised performance for your special day. Plus, the team do not stop there! If you would like a song that is not on their database, they will try their best to honour your request if given enough time. Trishool go that extra mile to ensure that we have everything covered to make it as stress-free for you as possible. For a full detailed description of our services, download our Wedding Services Brochure. To book us, visit the 'Contact Us' page.

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The Trishool Dhol Team are experts when it comes to livening up the party, making heads turn for your grand entrance, and for providing exceptional live entertainment! Nobody can resist the beat of the Dhol - an absolute must for the most memorable day of your life! The Dholi’s can be used at any Wedding function for a variety of purposes. They can provide blazing entrances for the Baraat, the Bride’s family, and for the Bride & Groom as they make their way into the Reception Hall for the first time as a married couple. A choice of dresswear is also available when booking the Dhol players to fit in with your theme.


The first time the Bride and Groom take to the dance floor as man and wife is a memorable occasion for any Wedding day. From the perspective of friends and family, it is also the initial tear jerker. This is one of the moments that are captured in great detail by your photographers & videographers to be one of the  focal points in your Wedding album and video. Trishool provide an incredible service where the Bride and Groom are able to hire professional instructors to build and choreograph a routine that is suited to their natural body movements, and is the perfect first dance for them to enjoy and perform with ease.


The days of hiding the ring in her pudding after a fancy meal out are long gone! People are now looking for fresh, iconic ways in which they can propose to their partner. Proposing through ‘Flash Mobbing’ is fast becoming a popular and innovative method to make such a huge statement. The Trishool team are experienced in delivering this service, and will work closely with you to ensure that this major event happens smoothly, and is a stress free experience. Take a look at this clip to see how we put together a Flash Mob proposal which also featured the 'To-Be-Groom'. Would have been difficult not to say yes after this!


The Trishool Party Starter is the little extra service from us that provides the encouragement and confidence for people to get up and dance. Not only does the ‘Party Starter’ get people up on the dance floor, it guarantees plenty of laughs to ensure that your party is remembered. For those who do not usually get up and dance can also get involved with the festivities. By the end of the night, you are sure to see the moves from Trishool’s Party Starter replicated by guests on the dance floor! It is also a sure fire way in ensuring that your non Asian guests get to party...DESI STYLE!


Friends and family of the Bride and Groom often look for ways in which they can add personalised touches to make the day more unique for their loved ones. Trishool’s take on this is to put together a choreographed performance that friends and family can perform for the happy couple to reflect emotion and celebration. The Trishool instructor will ensure that sessions are both fun and efficient. Routines will be tailored to specific individual requirements such as different fitness levels, age, ability etc. This service guarantees exclusive family time that you will cherish long after the Wedding is over!


Brides love this pre-Wedding occasion that gives them one last day as a singleton to spend with those ladies that are the nearest and dearest to them. Let your hair down, put your dancing shoes on and get ready to enjoy your last day of independence Trishool style! The Trishool Hen Do experience consists of a fun packed session where all the hens get together to enjoy a true taste of Bollywood dancing. Led by an experienced Bollywood instructor armed with plenty of glitzy Indian clothing, scarves and a special outfit for the bride to wear during the session, the girls are bound to have an amazing time!

"For months I was looking for a professional dance group who perform to a high standard. After shortlisting many, I saw Trishool's performances online. Coincidently, I saw them perform at my cousin’s wedding and they were amazing! My family was really glad that I had booked Trishool for my event too! They were so patient and calm throughout eventhough I had only given them my chosen songs to perform the day before! Each member of the group was outstanding. I have been told I am a perfectionist and I couldn’t fault them!"

 - Tasleema, Blackburn

Dance Performance & Trishool Dhol Team for Mehndi Party



Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of highly rated professionals that work with us to provide you with special rate services.

Our additional services include:


  • DJ's

  • Mehndi (Henna) Artists

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Singers

  • Musicians

  • Venue Hire

  • Hair & Make-up Artist                     (specialising in Asian Bridal)

  • Male Grooming Services


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any of our additional services.

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