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Namaste! (Greetings)


Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world and is spoken by more than

800 million people worldwide. Hindi is also the national language of India and is used to

make films and songs in india’s most popular film industry, Bollywood.


Mr. Jagdish Sharma learnt to read, write and speak in Hindi at the age of 10.

Since 1999, he has worked as a translator and interpreter and completed translation in to Hindi of more than two hundred documents for the local councils and for a private company.

Amongst the most interesting translations were Playstation instructions,

BG Photographer of the Year exhibition, celebrations of the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence and a 50,000 words court case.


In Trishool’s Hindi classes, you will learn how to to read, write, speak and understand Hindi.

In each session, people will learn new grammar rules, revise the previous week’s lesson and will have an opportunity in trying to speak in Hindi. The use of short film clips to demonstrate the use of Hindi will also be shown in the lessons.


After each lesson, students will be given practise sheets for home work to continue their progress in learning the beatuiful language of India.


For more information about the Hindi classes, contact Mr. Jagdish Sharma by:

Tel: +44(0)780 303 5120



Alternatively, visit the 'Contact Us' page and fill out the enquiry form.

Hindi Classes
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