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Shruti Ritu Shiva
Sanchez 2 Shukti

Sanchez started his dance career at the age of 8 when he joined RJC (Reggae, Jazz & Contemporary) Dance at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Being a Punjabi, Bhangra soon became a favourite, which then led to venturing into other dance styles such as Street/Hip-Hop, Salsa and Capoeira. To further his dance knowledge,  Sanchez has also undertaken training in Bharatnatyam.

Sanchez's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Deva Shree Ganesha' for it's impact, 'Malamaal' for it's creativity, and 'Humka Peeni Hai' for the novelty factor...and the fact that many have followed suit with tribute performances - even replicating our choreography - trendsetters!"

Shukti began dancing to the Madhuri Dixit song, 'Ek Do Teen' at the same time as learning to walk. She started Bharatnatyam training at the age of 6. Shukti also started to look at modern, western styles of dance whilst at school before returning to Bharatnatyam at 19 to perform her Arangetram. Shukti is currently working as a choreographer in the Hindi film industry in Mumbai, India.

Shreeya started her training in Bharatnatyam at the age of 10. Shreeya continued to learn for 6 years before joining Trishool in 2008. She has been involved in various dance competitions whilst studying at a specialist performing arts school. Shreeya is now an instructor at Trishool, as well as choreographer for the Kids  (8 - 13 years) Bollywood classes.

As a self-proclaimed 'bedroom dancer', Rahul stuck to dancing around in the privacy of his own home. After hearing about Trishool Dance Academy, Rahul plucked up the courage to give it a go. 6 years later...Rahul is still here, and is an integral part of the Trishool Performance Team.

Rahul's thoughts on Trishool: "Trishool is like a family. Always there when you need them. It's not just an organisation to go to and dance, it's also a close-knit community of people. Each individual here enjoys dancing and there is a close bond between each of us".

Rahul's favourite Trishool choreography: 'Baby Ko Bass', 'Do Dhaari Talwaar' and 'Dance like a Chammiya'

Dapika started off by learning Ballet whilst at a very young age. Soon after, she joined up with Stagecoach Theatre Company. The need to dance developed over time and resulted in Dapika studying Dance at GCSE level.

Dapika's thoughts on Trishool: "I joined Trishool due to a recommendation from my cousins who were a part of the team at the time. Being a part of Trishool is so much fun as I'm surrounded by such cool people, and performing all over the country is amazing!"

Dapika's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Madhubala', 'Malhari', 'Deva Shree Ganesha', 'Deewani Mastani' and 'Babli Badmaash'. There are loads more though!"

Having always had a passion for dancing, Nitisha (a.k.a Tish) started off by learning Ballet for 2 years, before moving on to Bharatnatyam, which she trained in for 3 years. With a keen interest in Bollywood, Tish joined Trishool in February 2015, and has now worked her way through the training process to become a Trishool instructor.

Tish's thoughts on Trishool: "As soon as I saw videos of Trishool online, I signed up straight away. Being around such great people, unforgettable opportunities and experiences....I LOVE being a part of Trishool!"

Tish's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Malamaal' as it looks movie-like and the setup of the choreo is unique".

Performance Team
Rahul Shreeya Susanna Jyoti

Shruti has been dancing for over 20 years! At the age of 10, she began her training in Bharatnatyam. After training for many years, Shruti ventured to Street/Hip-Hop and Salsa, before training in another classical form, Kathak.

Shruti's thoughts on Trishool: "Having been around since before Trishool was formed, the main reason I am still here  is because of the people, and the fact that it's essentially been a part of my life for years - it feels like family"

Shruti's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Deva Shree Ganesha' is an awesome routine but I also like 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom', 'Kawa Kawa' and too many others to list such as the fun one-off dances like 'Ande Ka Funda'".

Having studied Contemporary Dance at the University of Chester, Ritu's passion for dance has been visible from a young age. Ritu has also worked alongside the Royal Northern College of Music and Oldham Coliseum.

Ritu's thoughts on Trishool: "I joined Trishool after seeing their videos online and I remember being so impressed by the choreography! The rehearsals are pretty intense, but that is how we create such versatile and strong dancers. The classes are always fun and we are one BIG family!"

Ritu's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Deva Shree Ganesha' as the intricacy of movements, placement of dancers and musicality make it such a powerful piece".

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Since the age of 8, Susanna has danced as part of Performing Arts academies, and participated in shows in Leeds, Bradford and Manchester. In 2015, Susanna joined the Trishool Bollyfitness class before realising her potential, and making the leap over to the Performance Team. Susanna is now a regular Trishool performer.

Susanna's thoughts on Trishool: "I initially joined Trishool to improve my fitness and gain experience in a different type of dance. I enjoy it here because everyone is so welcoming and I am learning a new skill".

Susanna's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Malamaal' because it's so fun and full of energy".

Having left other local dance companies to challenge herself, Jyoti came across to Trishool. As a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, Jyoti is still learning more about the classical dance form, and has received distinction in all of her ISTD exams.

Jyoti's thoughts on Trishool: "Trishool has inspired me to dance with more energy due to the complex routines. I have improved as a person since joining, and I hope to carry on here as it is by far the most challenging and charismatic dance team I have ever been in!"

Jyoti's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Deewani Mastani' as it is a very elegant routine, and allows my body to flow freely".


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Before joining Trishool, Simran had no dance experience but loved breaking it down on the dancefloor at parties. Due to pressure from family to join a dance group, Simran got in touch with the dance group that stood out the most to her.  

Simran's thoughts on Trishool: "Joining Trishool was a big step for me. I never had the confidence to join a group on my own, but with lots of persuasion, I got in touch with Trishool. It is an incredible experience learning different routines as well as being a part of a well-established team".

Simran's favourite Trishool choreography: "'Kala Chashma' and 'Lean On Diljit remix' are my current favourites but there are so many to choose from!"

More info coming soon...

Simran Princess