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Originating from the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, this ancient dance style reinforces the basic rules of performing in every dancer that takes up training. Being able to master this graceful, sculpturesque dance style is said to lay down the foundations to understand any form of dance due to its structure covering all the essentials of a complete dancer.


The fundamental rules of dance - posture, rhythm and expression, come from classical dance forms.

Here at Trishool, we are proud to offer courses for all ages in Bharatnatyam. An increase in stamina, better body conditioning and flexibility are just some of the positives to be gained from this course. Students follow a carefully structured syllabus that explores movement, expressions, hand gestures and the history behind this ancient dance form. Bharatnatyam is still one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles in the world! Highly recommended for any dancer!

All Bharatnatyam teachers at Trishool have over 15 years Bharatnatyam experience and have trained under the guidance of

Guruji Dr. Geeta Upadhyaya, Artistic Director at Kala Sangam.

Bharatnatyam Classes


Enrolling on to a Trishool dance course is easy. All you need to do is take a look at the class timetable to see which class is most suitable for you, then simply download, print and complete the Registration Form. Once completed, please return to any Trishool tutor or post to: Trishool Dance Academy, 222 Ring Road, Moortown, Leeds, LS17 6DG,

or you can email it to: [email protected].  



Once you have decided which class is most suitable for you, download our Class Fees to view the cost for each class and term dates.

Cash is the preferred method of payment for class fees but we do accept cheques and BACS transfer. For BACS transfer, contact us for details.

All classes are on a first come first serve basis so book your place now to avoid disappointment!